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Help reassure patients that they are in a safe and compassionate place where they can rest and heal over the holidays and all year round through your purchase of critical equipment shares.  Purchasing a share allows you to make a difference and help fund equipment.


Electronic Oral Thermometer


Patients of all ages benefits from electronic oral thermometers. An essential part of excellent patient care is being able to accurately monitor temperatures.



Buy a Bear for a Patient


Buy a Bear. Get a warm & fuzzy feeling. 

With your generous support, patients will get their cuddly prescriptions filled. 



Buy a Bear for Yourself or a Loved one


Buy a Bear for yourself or a loved one and support the purchase of life-saving equipment at MSH. 



Dispensing IV Pump


Delivering the highest standard of care for our patients is critical and these pumps ensure each patient gets the right amount and type of medicine they need.



Dr. Bear Program


Dr. Bear brings comfort to our youngest patients who need to have surgery. One little bear makes a big difference for a child in need.



Positioning Wheelchair


These specialized wheelchairs provide exceptional comfort, support and safety to our patients.



Anesthesia Pumps


Keep Patients pain-free during surgery by supporting the purchase of Anesthesia Pumps.



Flex 400 Ultrasound


Provide real-time information during surgery by supporting the purchase of a Flex 400 Ultrasound. 



Surgical Headlamp


Help light the way to good health by supporting the purchase of a state-of-the-art Surgical Headlight. 



Surgical Laser


Make ultra-precise procedures possible by supporting the purchase of a high-tech Surgical Laser.



Bladder Scanner


Help MSH provide exceptional care with the purchase of a bladder scanner. This portable ultrasound is vital equipment used to diagnose urological conditions.



Infant Warmer


This baby warmer keeps our tiniest patients safe and warm and helps save lives of premature babies.



Patient Bed


Help provide a place for our patients to rest and heal by purchasing a share of a patient bed. Every share helps.